Hatching your own chicks is one of the most amazing experiences, whether it's to add to your existing flock or to give fertile eggs to a broody hen.

If you decide you would like to hatch your own chicks and you don't have a broody hen, then you will need to invest in an incubator.  There are many incubators on the market.  I would recommend investing in a good quality brand such as Brinsea or Rcom.

Eggs remain fertile for up to 14 days once laid provided they are kept in a cool place (ideally 10 - 16 degrees), pointy end down and turned at least twice a day. This allows eggs to be sent in the post.

Once you receive your eggs, I would recommend letting them rest pointy end down at room temperature for 24 hours before putting them in the incubator.

Bantams eggs take on average 21 days to hatch, but can hatch a day or two early.  Eggs should be locked down (i.e. no more turning) on day 18, then left until the magic moment you see that first pip. 

I sell fertile hatching eggs (fertility is regularly tested by me), which can be collected or sent in the post in appropriate packaging. I generally sell them by colour or as a mixed lot.  Please read the FAQ's regarding hatch rates and fertility.  For details on availability and prices click here.

Hatching eggs generally available from March to October.