Lemon Millefleur Sablepoot

The Sablepoot or Booted Bantam, also called the Dutch Booted Bantam, is a bantam breed of chicken. Its name is derived from the bird’s extravagant feathering on the feet and hock joints, which are called vulture hocks or “sabels” in Dutch. With no large fowl counterpart from which it was miniaturized, the Booted is one of the true bantams. 



Booted Bantams are angular birds with profuse plumage. They have broad backs, breasts carried well forward, and relatively large, downward-pointing wings following the line of the vulture hocks. They do not quite reach the floor though. Booted Bantams have a single upright comb with five points, horn-colored beaks, red wattles, and red earlobes. 

Long kept as pets in addition to being shown, Booted Bantams are usually friendly and calm. They are good foragers, and are said to do less damage to garden plants because of their heavily feathered feet. 

Lemon Millefleur have a lemon base with the millefleur pattern.