Poultry supplies for your Pekin and Sablepoot bantams including chicken coops, feed, treats and bedding.  These are items I keep in stock which are available to purchase with your bantam chickens. I also supply all products from Nestera and Chicken Guard even if not shown on my website.

Small Raised Coop


2m Run for Large Raised Coop


Nestera Auto Door Opener

from £154.00

Growers Pellets


Poultry Grit


Heygates Layers Pellets 20kg


Transport Box


Medium Raised Coop


3m Run for Large Raised Coop


Wifi Camera for Chicken Coop


Layers Pellets




Wood shavings


Hardwood Woodchip

         70 litre bag


Large Raised Coop


Droppings Trays

from £29

Set of 2x Wheels


Mixed Grit



Heygates Growers Pellets 20kg

Dengie Fresh Bed